Agua de Colonia - Alvarez Gomez

Agua de Colonia

Agua de Colonia cologne, founded in 1912 by legendary Spanish fragrance house; Alvarez Gomez.

The Agua de Colonia story begins with three boys from Léon in Northern Spain: Herminio Alvarez Gómez, Belarmino Gómez and Emilio Vuelta Gómez. The trio decided to head for Madrid in search of their fortunes.

After their cousin who owned a pharmacy at which the three were working retired, they decided to buy the store, and became known as fragrance dealers. By 1899 they had moved to 2 Sevilla Street in Madrid, opening the fragrance store… Alvarez Gomez.

Agua de Colonia

In 1912, a European traveler brought a formula for an “Eau de Cologne”, containing: lemon, bergamot, rosemary and geranium, but the three knew this formula could be improved with much better quality ingredients found in Spain. They decided their cologne had to be clean, fresh and pure - made with quality scents from the Spanish countryside. The process began in the basement of 1 Sevilla Street, where they started manufacturing in a traditional way, to be later known as the “Agua de Colonia Concentrada Alvarez Gómez”. They chose a bottle with an Art Deco design - comparative with designs of Spanish homes, and prestigious hotels and restaurants in Spain.

Nephews of the three founders were responsible for further growth of the business and during the last 25 years, constructed a factory in which the production iss standardised, the creation of new products, the development of a national distribution net, the professionalisation of the different areas of the company - and the aim of recruiting the best professionals without forgetting the family nature of the business.

Today a fourth generation, over 100 years later, are involved in the Agua de Colonia-Alvarez Gomez, keeping the brand at the forefront of traditional yet modern fragrance.

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