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From 1830 to present day - Carthusia is the scent of Capri.

The Carthusia legend begins with the unexpected arrival of Queen Giovanna d’Angiò on the island of Capri in 1830. From that day, right up to the present day, Carthusia has represented the unmistakable, fresh yet traditional, scent of Capri.

The father prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. Giacomo, quickly made a flower arrangement to present to her. After she had left, the flowers sat in the water for 3 days, and when the prior changed the water he noticed it had acquired an exquisite aroma. Presented to father alchemist, he traced the origin back to “Garofilum silvestre caprese” - which became Capri's first perfume.

Fast forward to 1948, where because of largely unknown issues perfume had not been produced on Capri. However the discovery of ancient recipes was rewarded with the Pope's permission to begin manufacturer again. Carthusia was born, within the world's smallest laboratory.

Production continues to this day, with highest-quality ingredients being hand-made according to original recipes, and the final fragrances hand-packed. Men's fragrances are notable for the essence of rosemary, picked on Monte Solaro. Women's fragrances are made with the essence of Capri's wild carnation.

Carthusia is a brand with genuine heritage and unique tradition. Their fragrances; unisex, men's and women's are olfactory masterpieces - none fail to please.

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