Babington House - Cowshed


A range of naturally therapeutic products, including the legendary Bullocks for Men.

The Cowshed story began in 1998 at the original Cowshed Spa (named after the building's former occupants) in Babington House, Somerset. Since then, their unique style and attention to exuberant fragrances have earned them a loyal ‘herd’ of followers.

Champions of natural skin care, Cowshed specialise in the use of plant oils, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids to produce a range of natural therapeutic products for bath and home.

The Cowshed Bullocks range formulated for men contains specialist ingredients such as hemp seed oil; renowned for its soothing, healing properties and its ability to maintain moisture levels without greasiness.

The Cowshed product range has evolved to meet consumer demand for stylish, natural products and as of September 2008 Cowshed removed all parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, artificial fragrances and colours from their products. In keeping with the Niven & Joshua mantra, these were replaced with more organic ingredients and higher ratios of essential oils.


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