Lucky Tiger

A true heritage brand, and an icon of American barbershops.

The Lucky Tiger story begins in the 1920’s with amateur scientist and barber Mr. Benjamin Clarke, from Kansas City Missouri. Mr. Clarke, from his basement created a tonic for the hair and scalp- designed to groom and condition hair, whilst stimulating the scalp.

The popularity of this unique product was so great, customers would travel from far and wide to buy bottle of “Lucky Tiger Tonic”. Off the back of the success of Mr. Clarke’s hair tonic, Lucky Tiger became an official business in 1935, when the name was trademarked- signalling the birth of an iconic American brand.

Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger began to serve barbers across America with their now expanded range of shaving creams, moustache waxes, shampoos, hair dressings, hair tonics, hair waxes, face cleansers, skin astringents, face lotions, cleansing masks, acne preparations and tooth whitening powders. The brand continued to grow at pace, ensuring Lucky Tiger became one the most popular brand of men’s grooming and barbershop products across the United States of America.

Lucky Tiger’s direction was changed forever in 1964 when a long-haired band known as The Beatles single handedly changed men’s hair fashion. Despite this, Lucky Tiger maintained a strong, loyal following- renowned for quality ingredients, and results. Today, with more traditional hair styles back in fashion, Lucky Tiger is resurgent- a true heritage brand, and an icon of American barbershops once more.

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