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A skin-ethical men's grooming range inspired by plants surviving in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

Polaar was inspired by Arctic and Antarctic plants which synthesise highly protective active ingredients. Polaar's founder, Daniel Kurbiel's insatiable passion for the Arctic and Antarctic led him to develop products to protect your skin in the harshest of climates.

Mr Kurbiel's expeditions to the Great North lead to a discovery of the extraordinary adaptability and resistance of plants living in extreme weather conditions. Polaar is the first skin care range for men based on Polar active ingredients.

By selecting the purest extracts, the Polaar team developed a range of men's grooming products for the body and face with essential scrubbing, emollient and repairing properties. Extensive lab studies confirmed the presence of unique active ingredients within plants of the polar origin, helping them survive -45°C temperatures, 137mp/h winds and 6 months of polar night. These ingredients are present in Polaar products and are highly beneficial for a men's skin.

The Polaar Skin-ethics for Men range does not contain alcohol, parabens or mineral oils to guarantee maximum effectiveness and purity. Polaar products are subject to rigorous dermatological control, not tested on animals and delivered in recyclable packaging.

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