Acne Prone Skin

Acne affects approximately 650 million people worldwide. The good news, it's controllable.

As many acne sufferers who have done their research will testify, there are countless web pages and physical documentation on the causes and treatments of acne.

For this reason, Niven & Joshua have created an extensive learning guide for your perusal. It's too long for this page, but you can find it over in Guide, it's called Acne - The Complete Guide.

Below you will find a carefully edited selection of twelve acne treatments, all designed to make dealing with acne much easier. We advise reading the aforementioned guide first - the below will make much more sense afterwards. In the interim simple steps include using acne specific products, which deep clean but don't over-dry. Washing as normal (twice a day), avoiding harsh exfoliators and if required, conceal.

Should you choose to click on a product below, you will be able to learn more about each of them - and their specific purpose and treatment abilities. It's worth noting, this section is dominated by Murad and for good reason - the brand's creator is Dr Howard Murad - a board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA.

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