Body Odour

Concerned about body odour? Read on, for simple but effective solutions.

Body odour, commonly shortened to BO can be a problem which affects anyone. A hot day, exercise and or stress can cause a person to perspire or sweat. Sweat itself is odourless but if left on the skin, will be broken down by odour causing bacteria.

There are different types of sweat, generally sweat found in areas such as the genitals and armpits is more likely to smell as odour-eating bacteria feed on its protein and oil rich form. Similarly with the feet - wrapped in warm, bacteria flourishing surroundings such as socks and sports shoes. The rest of the body generally produces salty water which bacteria don't thrive on.

Frequent showering, particularly after sport is normally enough to stem any serious body odour. An extra step would be to use an antiperspirant to prevent excess sweating or a deodorant to mask foul aroma. It's advisable to ensure clothing is washed regularly, particularly sports clothing or anything you have sweated profusely in. Fresh socks and open shoes where air can circulate are also advisable.

Below you will find a popular selection of sweat defying antiperspirant and odour masking deodorant.

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