Dry, Chapped Lips

Suffering with dry, chapped lips? You'll find the solution below.

Dry, chapped lips are an age old problem - easily cured. A lack of oil producing sebaceous glands, found on the rest of your body, means natural oils are not produced on the lips and subsequently, they can become overly dry.

A lack of protective melanin pigmentation is also a concern worth considering, a lip balm with added Sun Protection Factor (SPF) will guard against sun related damage.

The use of moisturising Beeswax is common, as well as essential oils which ensure long-term hydration. Below you will find a selection of the best lip balms (chapsticks), may with natural ingredients - resulting in moisturised and hydrated lips.

Below you will find a selection of popular Lip Balms, but for a complete list, click here.

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