Redness and Rosacea

Redness, flushing and irritation can be frustrating but is manageable.

Redness, flushing (Rosacea) and irritated, sensitive skin can affect anyone but if simple steps are followed, they can be easily managed and in some cases cured.

A red face (and sometimes body) also known as Rosacea is a condition where blood vessels get too close to the skin's surface. These can be treated with lasers but taking a few steps back, there are simple steps which should be attempted first. Try and avoid triggers such as hot and spicy food, large temperature changes, coffee, tea, and alcohol. This is easier said than done - so just aim to avoid them where possible.

There are creams available to calm red skin down - Murad in particular has a great 'green range' with soothing, correcting and recovery products (see below).

Redness is not always Rosacea though, you may just have sensitive skin. In which case, choose a simple routine with fewer products and ones designed for sensitive skin - like Burt's Bees below. Anything with alcohol and fragrance in is ideally avoided. These products are often referred to as hypoallergenic.

A third type of redness is shaving redness and sensitivity around the neck area. We cover this more in Shaving Rash (Concern) but it's again a good idea to choose a product designed for sensitive types as they offer superior protection and are less likely to irritate skin.

You may wish to cover up any redness and or spots - there are some excellent concealing products available, such as the Myego cover select.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us. It's advisable to consult your GP on any of the above prior to purchase. You can find further resources at dedicated Rosacea organisations and the British Association of Dermatologists.

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