Shaving Rash

Struggle with shaving rash? Not anymore. Read on.

Products for shaving rash or irritation relieve redness and stinging after shaving. More commonly a problem for men with curly hair, shaving rash can be prevented by suitable preparation of the face prior to a shave.

Try to shower before shaving to soften hair, then apply a pre-shave product and high quality shaving cream, gel, oil or foam. Ideally, lather your shaving product with a badger hair shaving brush to raise the hair away from the skin and clear debris. The latter can also be achieved with a good facial scrub. A sharp razor blade will ensure less tug and pull of hair, resulting in less irritation.

Products for shaving rash can be used in conjunction with Niven & Joshua’s other shaving products as part of a complete shaving regime.

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