Spots, Pimples & Mild Acne

Effective products for preventing, treating, concealing and coping with spots and mild acne.

Skin functioning normally secrets sebum (oil) from sebaceous glands through the pores in the skin's surface. Sebum helps keep skin soft, supple and healthy. An over-eager release of sebum however can cause problems and lead to spots and mild acne.

Spots and mild acne (essentially more severe spots) appear when pores become blocked or plugged - often caused by thicker skin and dead skin cells. As sebum collects underneath the blockage, pimples or pauples (inflamed, red, tender bumps with no head) can occur.

Often better left alone, to be naturally eradicated by the body - there are products to help prevent, treat and conceal spots and mild acne. You'll find our carefully edited selection below. 

Niven & Joshua advise cleansing normally (morning and night) with a product which controls excess oil but doesn't over-dry. Avoid abrasive exfoliators, use a non-comedonegenic moisturiser and if required, conceal.

Further reading: Acne - A Complete Guide.

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