Aftershave Balm

For a complete shave an aftershave balm is essential.

The modern mans shaving routine can be a complicated affair; from pre-shave oils to aftershave balms, choosing the right products is essential to achieve the desired results and leave the skin at its best. 

Back in the days of barber shops on every street corner, aftershave was used to disinfect the skin between customers as it is an alcohol based product which can help prevent the spread of infection. It has a drying effect on the skin and can help to close and tighten pores. This is often accompanied by a stinging/burning sensation that subsides after a few minutes.

Many men today continue to use aftershave immediately after shaving but although its name may suggest this is the right method, is it still the best practice?

Over recent years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the use of a post-shave balm- but why choose a balm over the traditional after shave?

Well, an aftershave balm is much gentler on the skin as it comes in lotion form and if applied immediately after shaving instantly soothes and calms the skin. Many balms contain menthol which has the same effect as the original alcohol but doesn’t hold the same burning feeling as traditional aftershaves.

Those containing Aloe Vera also help with inflammation and if kept in the fridge, these balms will also help with redness and swelling- a easy trick if shaving shortly before going out. As aftershave balms aren’t usually scented and those that are have a very subtle scent it is much easier to use cologne after without the worry of a unpleasant hybrid scent.

So is it time to give the traditional method a modern twist?