Autumn Skin Guide

Make sure your grooming routine is suited to autumn with our Lifestyle & Grooming Editor Lee Kynaston's Seasonal Skin Care Guide.

Autumn Skin Survival Guide
Do increase your moisturisation

With cold air containing 30% less moisture than warmer air those biting Autumn winds can be especially bad for skin. This is also the time of year when central heating goes on too and between them, these moisture-thieves can easily leave skin feeling tight, itchy and looking dull and flaky.

"These moisture-thieves can easily leave skin feeling tight, itchy and looking dull and flaky."

Now is the time to think about switching to a moisturiser especially designed for dry skin like Vitamin E Face Moisturizer from Malin+Goetz. 

Don’t forget some nighttime protection too

Night moisturiser for men

Think, too, about adding a Night Cream like Baxter of California Night Cream AHA to your regime. Skin tends to absorb moisturiser better at night when its rested and this high-performance one contains a bunch of powerful ingredients that accelerate skin repair and stimulate cell renewal to leave skin soft and smooth.

Don’t drop the sunscreen

It’s easy to think that once the summer’s over there’s no need for sun protection but whilst your at less risk of being burnt by the sun’s UVB rays (though I once got sunburnt in Cornwall in late October so be on your guard!) the intensity of its ageing UVA ones doesn’t diminish.

So if you’re keen on protecting skin from sun-induced fine lines, wrinkles and age spots continue using a moisturiser with a built in sunscreen like Recipe for Men SPF 15 Facial Moisturiser in the mornings.

Do think about a new fragrance

When it comes to fragrance it’s an established fact that lighter, fresher, citrus-based fragrances tend to work better in the summer. They zing off the skin, make us smell clean and help invigorate us on these warm muggy nights. With temperatures dropping and nights drawing in, though, it’s the richer, warmer, more comforting fragrances that come to into their own during Autumn.

Molton Brown black pepper

Especially good for this time of year are woody fragrances like Comme des Garcons Wonderwood . Look out, too, for fragrances containing vetiver like Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki - it has a masculine earthiness and great staying power. 

Don’t forget to guard against eczema

According to a survey conducted by Eucerin, over 60% of eczema sufferers experience a worsening of symptoms in the Autumn. Cold, dry winds and dry central heating don’t help. Don’t confuse eczema with dry skin though – true eczema usually shows up as itchy, red patches of skin rather than areas that just feel tight and slightly flaky. To prevent further irritating eczema wear cotton next to the skin, rather than wool or synthetic fibres, avoid harsh detergents (a good excuse for not washing up!), talk to your pharmacist about a special emollient cream and avoid putting products containing alcohol directly onto the skin.

Do think about faking it

Summer a tan a distant memory? Then fake it with St. Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday which will give you a natural-looking colour throughout the Autumn. For the best results, always exfoliate skin with a good face scrub first to ensure even coverage.

Sol de Janeiro

Or if you’d like a little more control over the results try St. Tropez Instant Tan Face and Body Lotion is perfect for warming up your skin tone but washes off at the end of the day.

Don’t neglect your beard

If, like, me you’re sporting facial hair pay special attention to it as temperatures drop.  At this time of year the skin beneath beards, ‘taches and goatees, already susceptible to dryness because of the way facial hair wicks moisture away from skin, can become even drier. And beard dandruff is never a good look. To condition skin and hair at the same time keep a bottle of Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir handy and massage in thoroughly, using your fingertips. 

Do repair your hair

According to the creative director at the Daniel Galvin salon in central London, Asgar (one day we’ll all just have one name), hair often emerges from summer damaged by sun, sea and sand and needs intensive nourishment at this time of year.


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