Male Cosmetic Essentials

New to male grooming? Or just want more information on bathroom cabinet essentials? Here's our Lifestyle and Grooming Editor Lee Kynaston's guide to skincare basics.

Male Cosmetic Essentials

Our Lifestyle & Grooming Editor Lee Kynaston picks three of his favourite face enhancers for men.


Stubborn Dark Circles

Menaji Camo Concealer - this piece if grooming kit might be the answer to all your problems. I suffer from hereditary ones, which I’ve had since a teenager, and although eye creams help the only way for me to disguise them totally is with a concealer. Available in three shades, this one has a great texture that doesn’t cake or look greasy on the skin. It’s easy to apply (just use your fingertip or a cotton bud) and can be used on other skin imperfections too. What’s more, it also contains a sunscreen to help guard against sun-induced fine lines and wrinkles.

Minor Imperfections and Shine

Menaji Anti-Shine H. D. P. V. Powder Bronze - it’s easy to be scared of powder bronzers but men in the entertainment industry have been using them for years. Specifically developed for actors and news anchormen, whose skin is subjected to the scrutiny of high definition TV, this easy-to-apply and undetectable powder not only evens out skin tone and masks minor imperfections it absorbs excess oil skin too, making it the perfect tool for dealing with those annoying shiny patches.


Murad Blemish Treatment Concealer - there’s nothing worse than developing a massive spot just before an important date or crucial meeting but it’s happened to us all (me included). This useful products tackles spots on two levels – by treating them and by concealing them at the same time too. Result, x2.


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