Wedding Day - Groom

Getting married this summer? Here's our Lifestyle & Grooming Editor Lee's pick of this year's wedding day essentials.

Wedding Day Essentials: Groom

Six products every groom should own.

Shaving cut solution... Proraso Shave Cut Healing Gel.

With nerves jangling, skin puffy from a lack of sleep and your morning schedule in chaos, nobody’s going to blame you if your wedding day shave isn’t quite as precise as usual. Thankfully, if you do end up with any minor nicks, though, this astringent gel will sort you out.  An easy-to-apply alternative to a styptic pencil (or a face covered in bits of toilet paper) it’s great at stopping bleeding and closing cuts.

Avoid redness and sunburn with... Anthony Logistics Facial Moisturiser SPF15.

One of the unexpected dangers of a summer wedding is sunburn. It can take a matter of minutes to burn on a bright, sunny day and chances are you’ll be spending half-an-hour posing for photos outside so make sure you protect skin with this premium moisturiser which includes a built-in sunscreen.

Great looking hands with… Merkur Nappa Leather Manicure Set.

If there’s one part of you that you really don’t want to let your down on your wedding day it’s your hands. On display all day and caught on camera for posterity it pays to ensure they are neatly manicured. You could shell out for a professional treatment, of course, but this great five-piece kit, which includes scissors, clippers and a high-quality nail file, contains everything you need to ensure nails are top notch for the big day and is a sound investment for the future too.

Myego Fonteint

Make sure you’re picture perfect with… Myego Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer.

Specially formulated for men’s skin this high-performance tinted moisturiser not only uses light-reflecting particles to even out skin tone (hiding a multitude of sins in the process), it also mattifies and provides some natural-looking colour, ensuring you’re always ready for the photographer. Think of it as Photoshop for your face.

Ensure you’re soft all-over with… Yu-be Foaming Skin Polish.

It’s all very well making sure the bits the guests will see are primped to perfection but don’t forget the bits only your other half will get to see once they’ve all gone home. Fine grains of Rice Bran combine with Bamboo and gentle cleansing agents to create a luxuriously foaming scrub to wash away dead and dry skin; the perfect way to make sure your skin is conditioned (and hence worth touching) from top to toe.

Smell great but not overpowering with… Carthusia Mediterraneo Parfum.

On your big day you’ll want to smell good but won’t want to leave guests reeling in the aisles. Since warm weather intensifies the effects of fragrance this means it’s wise to opt for a light, fresh fragrance that’s memorable but not overpowering. This one has zingy notes of lemon and green tea so you’ll smell fresh for the ceremony and smouldering for the night do.