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Men’s hair is one of the most character defining elements of a man; hair style, colour or simply a lack of hair altogether dictates a man’s overall appearance. This section is dedicated to men’s hair care in its entirety; luxury products and effective solutions.

Niven & Joshua have sought out the assistance of high end hair care brands: Mr Natty and TommyGuns (amongst others) to offer a portfolio of natural, effective hair grooming and styling products.

In this section, the products cater for a wide range of hair care topics such as styling, cleansing and hair loss. Visit the relevant sub-category to begin.

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Hair Loss Treatment


There's nothing worse than wearing a high quality suit, to find the shoulders covered with unsightly dry skin; dandruff. Here are some solutions. Read more…


This section features high quality shampoos with key natural active ingredients catering for different hair types, made by leading grooming brands worldwide. Read more…

Hair loss Treatments

Hair Loss

This section is dedicated to products that will prevent hair loss from occurring, stimulate hair growth and or provide volume. Read more…