Natural Mystic Fragrance Car Tag


10 x 10cm - Unique and mysterious aroma. Refresh and modernise your car.

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A stylish addition to any vehicle; hang from the rear-view mirror or place anywhere in the vehicle

The thick, paper-like sheet offers a spicy, unique and mysterious scent of Vanilla and Patchouli for a minimum of two months (and up to four to six months), ensuring your car looks and smells fantastic, no matter what the weather outside.

Contains: One 10 x 10 cm Car Tag (vacuum packed for freshness).

Longevity: Maximum fragrance strength will last for up to 1 month; a weaker fragrance will be emitted for 1 to 2 months. After 2 months, the fragrance will gradually decrease, so please enjoy it as a car accessory. Alternatively, use retaW Room Spray on the Car Tag to re-charge the fragrance.

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Skin Type: Normal

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retaW Natural Mystic Fragrance Car Tag

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Natural Mystic Fragrance Car Tag

£13.00 £9.78