Izba Incense Pyres


20 Incense Pyres. - Unique incense burner with a woody and smoky fragrance.

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Unique incense pyres packaged by hand by Blackbird in Ballard, WA. Each cone has a distinctive yet pleasant aroma that will fragrance a medium sized room for several hours. 

Taken from Russian and Arabic, Izba, refers to the countryside dwelling that forms the living quarters of a conventional farmstead; the Izba Incense Pyre is reminiscent of traditional Russian farmhouses with warm wood walls, smoky fireplaces and the wild herbs and flowers growing outside.

The pyre should be placed in the lid of the tin, and lit - allow the flame to burn brightly for a couple of minutes, then blow out and leave to smoulder. The incense will smoulder for 15 minutes, after which the scent will begin to develop, and the aroma will fill the room for approximately 2-4 hours.

SCENT NOTES: Cedar and Lavender.

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Izba Incense Pyres


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