Holiday Body- Essential Guide.

Holiday Body

Essential Guide.

You've booked the hotel; you've bought the shorts; the passport's been renewed: now it's time to ensure you look the part with our Lifestyle Grooming Editor's Lee Kynaston's pre-holiday grooming guide.
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What To Wear- Five Summer essentials

What To Wear - Summer

5 Summer Essentials.

In this country sometimes summer clothes can get forgotten about and then when the sun does finally shine, we find ourselves ill prepared. It can be challenging to look good when it's hot and the tendency is always to go much more casual. Here I've put together my Five Summer Essentials and if you haven't got them in your wardrobe already, take advantage of the last of the sales and buy now.
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Break the Ice- First Approach.

Break the Ice

First Approach.

Meeting somebody new can be nerve wracking at the best of times, whether approaching somebody who attracted your eye at a bar or making the right impression in a crucial business meeting. But when it comes to approaching and impressing a potential partner, sometimes nerves take over. Dating Coach James Preece offers five top tips on how to 'Break the Ice' and impress from the off.
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