Shaving Brushes

This category features an often forgotten shaving product; shaving brushes. More popular in the past, the shaving brush is seeing a revival - mainly because of the excellent benefits it provides and the irritation-less, comfortable shaving experience it creates.

A good badger hair shaving brush will expertly retain water to generate a rich, creamy lather. The result is maximum longevity from your shaving cream or soap and a skin-protecting shave.

Further benefits of using a shaving brush include the elevation of hairs allowing for a closer, more comfortable shave. A shaving brush will raise hair away from the skin ensuring only hair is cut and not skin - minimising the risk of shaving irritation and shaving rash. A badger hair shaving brush will also provide exfoliation. Dead skin cells and other debris can gather around your beard hair, resulting in your razor becoming clogged and tugging at hair rather than cleanly cutting it.

Click on the brushes below to find out more information and start enjoying your shaving experience. Alternatively, read Shaving with a Brush in our GUIDE to learn more.

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