Male Grooming

Niven & Joshua is the home for luxury male grooming products and skin care for men. We have created a portfolio of the most effective, luxury men's grooming brands from all over the globe, to help you find your ideal grooming products, products that actually work and offer male grooming solutions. While Niven & Joshua specialise in grooming for men, our unisex products have proven to be popular with the female audience.

Since Niven & Joshua's inception the men's grooming industry has developed to incorporate a much larger remit, touching on fashion & home and incorporating itself into a man's lifestyle. Brands such as retaW have helped to connect us with our clothes through fragrance, adding yet another dimension to men's grooming and further distinguishing the men's industry as separate to its female counterpart. This differentiation will be reflected in the Niven & Joshua brand selection and grooming products as well as in our grooming advice and expert grooming tips.

What is Men's Grooming?

Male Grooming (also known as men's grooming) is the process of cleaning, nurturing, and maintaining parts of the body, such as your hair, nails, skin, teeth etc. Acknowledging that men's skin care is only part of the process; Niven & Joshua provide a luxury assortment of grooming products to cover grooming for men in its entirety. The complexity of the body and numerous grooming ailments requires a wide variety of male grooming solutions.

Niven & Joshua's focus is on the developing grooming industry so we can bring you the latest advancements as they happen and ensure our portfolio of brands is representative of the most effective products worldwide. While it is important to understand the origination of the term, men's grooming has progressed into a multi-faceted lifestyle sector including everything from combs & nail brushes to candles & home fragrance. Niven & Joshua will continue to sustain the growth of the industry, and explore the inherent relationship between men's grooming and men's fashion.

Why use Grooming Products?

Let's put it this way; you don't have to iron your shirt, but it'd look better if you did. A similar statement can be made about men's grooming. Male grooming is not all about necessity, but correct and consistent use of grooming products has been proven to improve appearance over time. Intrinsically, diligent men's skin care can augment self confidence, while appearing well groomed around the workplace shows professionalism and an attention to detail.

The arrival of Niven & Joshua has resulted in an improved, 'non-generic' experience making grooming more pertinent to most, and more accessible to all. Our Lifestyle & Grooming Expert guides you through the more common grooming issues, while the N&J Confidential feature allows you to ask more specific questions directly, to get the expert advice that you require. Peruse our Magazine to keep up to date with the latest industry advancements, products or simply to unwind - relaxation also benefits your skin.

Is Niven & Joshua only Men's Skin Care?

Niven & Joshua is not only about men's skincare, but provides male grooming solutions to most modern ailments, as well as men's grooming literature. Our product portfolio contains a wide range of unisex grooming products, including natural products from Korres and Compagnie de Provence which are popular among our female clientele too. Niven & Joshua's luxury grooming products represent the industry's most effective offering, carefully chosen to handle all types of grooming related issues.

As well as offering a variety of unisex skin care products, Niven & Joshua also features capsule collections with limited release products from select brands; products such as apparel and leather goods. The requisite for any product (or brand) on Niven & Joshua is their unerring ability to deliver what they promise - this principle will always apply, regardless of the product type. Aside from products, Niven & Joshua is a source for men's grooming advice & product tips which are provided by our variety of skin care experts and lifestyle brand ambassadors.

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