retaW Aoyama/Tokyo


Unique, natural products and fragrant blends engage your senses and envelope your entire lifestyle.

retaW of Aoyama/Tokyo, 'Water' in reverse is an elemental brand, embodying the purity of its namesake - Water. retaW take natural skin care back to its source with their fragrant blend of natural oils engaging your senses and enveloping your lifestyle.

Founded in 2008 by Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and Murakami, retaW's unique creations are formulated by leading Japanese dermatologists, the retaW range is comprised of exquisite Organic Body Washes, Fragrance Candles, Organic Body creams, Fragranced Tablets and Lip Balms.

A retaW Organic Body Wash is to shower gel what Parfum is to Eau de Toilette; a more concentrated formula, with unique scent compositions akin to that of distinguished fragrance houses. Find the scent that matches your mood, unique style and soul, and immerse yourself in a incomparable olfactory experience.

A range to be enjoyed by all sexes, retaW is exclusive online to Niven & Joshua outside of Japan.

The cousin and skin care brand to retaW is riA which returns back to the fundamental concept of what is actually good for your skin', and eliminates where possible, everything else.

A concept obvious in principle, but rarely applied, riA (the word ‘Air’ in reverse) was developed to be as unobtrusive to our skin as the Air that surrounds us, but as an effective answer to natural anti-ageing skin care.

The key to riA’s effectiveness is the use of a unique 'lamellar liquid crystal structure', one of a few skin moisturising serums in the world to do so. The surface of human skin includes a lamellar structure.

The lamellae work to protect and keep skin hydrated, however, everyday stress and environmental factors cause the lamellae to break down. When applied, riA products form a lamellar liquid crystal structure or barrier, which quickly repairs then protects damaged skin.

The unisex skin care brand to Japanese natural body care range retaW, riA Tokyo provides a four product or step natural anti-ageing process.

In keeping with Niven & Joshua philosophy, riA products contain no Ethanol, Artificial Colouring, Synthetic Perfumes, Synthetic Surfactants, Mineral Oil or Parabens and the pump-dispensers are antibacterial for the added safety of your skin.

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