Grooming Guide

Niven & Joshua believe men's skincare education is key. Being informed before you make a decision is crucial. It has dual benefits; you get the right product and Niven & Joshua have a happy customer.

The Niven & Joshua GUIDE is a comprehensive men's grooming knowledge base written by industry expert and one of the UK's most respected and experienced male grooming experts; Lee Kynaston (click About our Editor to read more about Lee).

The purpose of the guide is to assist you in making the right choices. With hundreds of products in categories such as men's moisturisers and shaving creams, it can become overwhelming. Naturally Niven & Joshua select only the best male grooming brands for our portfolio but within that selection, there are options - oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin and so on. This guide will assist in narrowing down the choice, so you get what you actually need.

Lee has free reign over this section and recommends only products he endorses. We are confident we have the best products on the market, so he doesn't struggle to choose.

The guide is ever-evolving, with new articles being added frequently. If you choose to subscribe to our NOTICEBOARD feed you won't miss one. Additionally, guides will be updated as technology advances and new solutions are formulated.

Ultimately, the guide is here to help you look good and subsequently, to feel good. For further discussion please visit our COMMUNITY where Lee will be answering your questions, it's also a place you can share men's grooming tips, ideas and interact with each other.

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