About our Editor

Mr Lee Kynaston, Niven & Joshua's multiple-award winning Lifestyle and Grooming Editor.

Lee Kynaston Grooming Editor

The UK's best-known and most experienced men's grooming expert.

Niven & Joshua's Lifestyle and Grooming Editor Mr Lee Kynaston is regularly acknowledged as the UK’s best-known and most experienced male grooming expert, having previously spent eight years on Men’s Health as Grooming Editor.

An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, his work has appeared in countless newspapers and magazines and he regularly appears on radio and TV discussing everything male grooming. Known for his honest product reviews as well as his useful grooming tips he’s here to offer advice, help and inspiration. Feel free to ask him any questions you may have at N&J Confidential.

Lee can also be found writing the Niven & Joshua Grooming Guide and answering your questions in the Niven & Joshua Community. We can also recommend following Lee on Twitter or visiting is aptly titled blog, the GroomingGuru.co.uk.